SDAIA collaborates with IBM to launch ALLaM Arabic Large Language Model on Watsonx

  • SDAIA introduces ALLaM Arabic Large Language Model on IBM Watsonx.
  • ALLaM facilitates seamless AI training, fine-tuning, and deployment.
  • Incorporates industry-leading governance tools for responsible AI deployment.
  • Unveiled at Think Boston 2024, strengthening collaboration between IBM and SDAIA.
  • Enhances Arabic AI capabilities, fostering innovation and regional development.

Main AI News:

In a groundbreaking partnership, the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) unveiled the ALLaM Arabic Large Language Model (LLM) on IBM’s Watsonx enterprise AI and data platform. The culmination of extensive research and development efforts, ALLaM promises to redefine the boundaries of Arabic AI technology.

This innovative model, equipped with optional Advanced Usage Policies (AUP), empowers clients to train, fine-tune, and deploy AI solutions seamlessly through the studio. Notably, ALLaM incorporates industry-leading governance tools, ensuring responsible deployment and adherence to IBM’s ethical AI guidelines.

At the prestigious Think Boston 2024 event, Arvind Krishna, Chairman and CEO of IBM, alongside H.E. Dr. Esam Alwagait, Director of the National Information Center at SDAIA, unveiled this transformative collaboration. Dr. Yaser Alonaizan, CEO of SDAIA’s National Center for AI, highlighted the significance of this milestone in advancing Arabic language capabilities in AI.

ALLaM’s integration into Watsonx marks a paradigm shift, expanding the accessibility and utilization of Arabic LLMs. With Watsonx’s robust support, organizations can embrace Arabic generative AI with confidence, fostering unprecedented levels of innovation. Moreover, this milestone cements the strategic alliance between IBM and SDAIA, laying the groundwork for future collaborative ventures.

Ayman AlRashed, Regional Vice President of IBM Saudi Arabia, emphasized the strategic importance of this collaboration in promoting Arabic language within the AI landscape. He underscored how ALLaM empowers both public and private sectors to leverage Arabic language models, aligning with the region’s cultural and linguistic diversity. AlRashed envisioned a future where businesses across the Kingdom and the Arab world harness unique AI services, reinforcing Saudi Arabia’s leadership in tailored AI solutions.

Benefits of ALLaM on Watsonx:

  1. Cutting-Edge Arabic AI: ALLaM introduces state-of-the-art Arabic language models, fostering innovation across industries.
  2. Governance Excellence: Watsonx offers unparalleled governance tools, ensuring ethical AI deployment and compliance.
  3. Strategic Advancement: The IBM-SDAIA partnership drives regional development and technological progress, positioning Arabic AI at the forefront of innovation.


The introduction of the ALLaM Model on IBM Watsonx represents a significant milestone in the Arabic AI landscape. This collaboration between SDAIA and IBM not only enhances AI capabilities but also fosters responsible deployment and compliance. With tailored solutions for the Arabic-speaking market, this partnership signifies a strategic leap forward in promoting regional development and innovation within the AI sector.