ServiceNow introduces significant enhancements to its Now Assist generative AI portfolio


  • ServiceNow announces a significant expansion of its Now Assist generative AI portfolio.
  • New capabilities aim to enhance user experiences and boost productivity.
  • Now Assist in Virtual Agent, flow generation, and Now Assist for Field Service Management (FSM) are key additions.
  • Gartner predicts substantial AI spending, with GenAI representing a significant portion.
  • ServiceNow’s AI solutions deliver cost savings, growth, and cross-enterprise efficiency.
  • CJ Desai, President and COO of ServiceNow, emphasizes AI’s role in faster execution and smarter decision-making.
  • Now Assist offerings streamline workflows, enable self-service, and accelerate digital transformation.
  • Leading companies like CBRE, Deloitte, Teleperformance, and NVIDIA are early adopters.
  • ServiceNow’s generative AI strategy offers broad LLM support with a focus on transparency and data security.

Main AI News:

In a significant move aimed at reshaping the landscape of generative AI, ServiceNow, the digital workflow leader committed to improving global work efficiency, has unveiled a substantial expansion to its Now Assist generative AI portfolio. This strategic augmentation brings forth novel capabilities designed to revolutionize user experiences and boost productivity. Today, these cutting-edge offerings, which include Now Assist in Virtual Agent, flow generation, and Now Assist for Field Service Management (FSM), become integral components of the ServiceNow Platform. This strategic leap reinforces ServiceNow’s commitment to providing practical generative AI applications that empower organizations to redefine their operational paradigms.

Gartner, the renowned technology research and advisory firm, projects a staggering $3 trillion expenditure on AI between 2023 and 2027. Of this colossal sum, GenAI, representing a substantial 36%, emerges as a dominant player in the AI investment landscape. As forward-thinking enterprises across diverse sectors embark on their GenAI journey, ServiceNow’s visionary customers are already reaping the rewards. They report significant cost savings, unprecedented growth, and a remarkable surge in cross-enterprise efficiency and productivity, all under the banner of Now Assist. This revolutionary offering expedites digital transformation endeavors, delivering rapid implementations and swift returns on investment.

CJ Desai, President and Chief Operating Officer at ServiceNow, emphasized the pivotal role of AI in navigating the increasingly complex and competitive business environment. He stated, “Our customers are facing increasingly complex and competitive dynamics across industries and AI holds the key to enabling faster execution, smarter decision-making and greater business agility. ServiceNow is leading the charge by intelligently integrating generative AI into the core of the Now Platform and enabling organizations to harness AI securely and confidently to drive unprecedented speed to value for their business.”

Fueling end-to-end digital transformation, these new offerings, Now Assist in Virtual Agent, flow generation, and Now Assist for FSM, act as potent catalysts for productivity enhancement. They minimize the time spent on searching, summarizing, and generating fundamental information while enabling conversational self-service, incident deflection, and workflow automation.

Now Assist in Virtual Agent empowers organizations to craft and deploy advanced generative AI chat experiences in a mere 15 minutes or less, thanks to enhanced guided setup capabilities. Customers and employees can effortlessly resolve issues and access essential information swiftly, while organizations witness a surge in call deflection rates. This solution elevates self-service by delivering a generative AI-powered conversational experience that seamlessly integrates the most relevant information or actions from a customer’s knowledge base and service catalog. The recent updates to Now Assist in Virtual Agent introduce Q&A in Knowledge Management and multi-turn conversations for ordering catalog items or making service requests, further enhancing conversational experiences for both employees and customers.

Flow generation simplifies and accelerates workflow development on the Now Platform by enabling administrators and developers to effortlessly generate workflow blueprints for swift, scalable development. This innovation eliminates the need to create flow automations from scratch, thereby significantly reducing the automation backlog and expediting time-to-value for organizations. Once the initial workflow is established, developers can seamlessly fine-tune and refine it using the no-code design interface in App Engine.

Now Assist for Field Service Management (FSM) is a game-changer for field service teams, facilitating superior, more proactive experiences and heightened productivity through generative AI. This solution leverages generative AI to access all activity, parts, and incidental data, summarizing work order tasks essential for field technicians on the move who rely on mobile devices to execute critical tasks. By streamlining the work order process, Now Assist for FSM enhances technician and customer experiences, along with documentation, compliance, and consistency.

Prominent companies and forward-thinking organizations, including CBRE, Deloitte, Teleperformance, and a US government agency, have already embraced Now Assist as early adopters. Notably, NVIDIA, a renowned technology leader, utilizes ServiceNow’s Now Assist features and collaborates as a technology partner to drive operational efficiencies with generative AI.

Sonu Nayyar, Chief Information Officer at NVIDIA, expressed their commitment to leveraging generative AI for productivity transformation: “Leading companies around the world are using generative AI to transform productivity. Our team will be using NVIDIA-powered ServiceNow Now Assist features like case summarization and question-answering to bring efficiencies to our operations with generative AI.”

ServiceNow’s generative AI strategy is firmly grounded in providing customers with comprehensive and secure Language Model (LLM) support. This support comes in the form of both general-purpose LLMs, such as Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service LLM and OpenAI API, which offer flexibility, and ServiceNow’s domain-specific Now LLM, purpose-built for ServiceNow workflows, use cases, and processes. This unique approach ensures that customers have access to responsibly sourced and secure LLM support, leading to outstanding end-user experiences, coupled with robust levels of transparency, governance, and data security.


ServiceNow’s expansion of its generative AI portfolio underscores the growing significance of AI in business operations. With a focus on enhancing user experiences and productivity, this move positions ServiceNow as a leader in the AI-driven workflow space. As organizations across industries increasingly invest in AI, ServiceNow’s solutions offer tangible benefits and are likely to drive further innovation and market growth.