Shield AI Pilots AI-Powered Flights on Sixth Aircraft, the Kratos MQM-178 Firejet

  • Shield AI and Kratos Defense collaborate successfully on AI-piloted flight-testing.
  • Hivemind AI pilot successfully flies on Kratos MQM-178 Firejet, marking a significant achievement.
  • CEOs Ryan Tseng and Brandon Tseng highlight the innovation and adaptability of Shield AI’s technology.
  • MQM-178 Firejet offers versatility and affordability in weapons-release training roles.
  • Steve Fendley of Kratos emphasizes the collaborative effort and anticipates further advancements.

Main AI News:

In the realm of defense technology, Shield AI, Inc. continues to carve a path towards excellence with its innovative AI pilot systems. Collaborating with Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc., a prominent player in defense and global markets, Shield AI recently achieved a significant milestone in AI-piloted flight-testing. This milestone marks a crucial step forward in their journey towards integrating Shield AI’s pilot for the XQ-58 Valkyrie onto Kratos platforms.

Following the successful deployment of AI pilots across five diverse aircraft, including quadcopters, the MQ-35A V-BAT, and even the F-16 in autonomous air combat training scenarios, Shield AI’s Hivemind AI pilot now demonstrates its capabilities on the Kratos MQM-178 Firejet. This achievement underscores the effectiveness of Shield AI’s Hivemind technology across various aircraft configurations, further solidifying its position as a leading solution in autonomous aviation.

Ryan Tseng, CEO, and Co-Founder of Shield AI, emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation and safety in integrating AI technology onto different aircraft platforms. He highlighted the remarkable speed at which Shield AI can adapt its Hivemind system to diverse aircraft, significantly reducing integration timelines.

Brandon Tseng, President, and Co-Founder of Shield AI, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the broader impact of AI pilots on aviation and military operations. He underscored the significance of the MQM-178 Firejet as the latest addition to the growing roster of aircraft successfully piloted by Shield AI’s Hivemind system.

The MQM-178 Firejet serves multiple roles in weapons-release training, offering versatility and performance at an affordable price point. Whether deployed as a jet target aircraft system or as part of a tactical UAS setup, the Firejet delivers high-speed maneuverability and mission flexibility, enhancing operational effectiveness while minimizing risks.

Steve Fendley, President of Kratos’ Unmanned Systems Division, praised the collaboration between Kratos and Shield AI, emphasizing their shared goal of advancing technology to support national security objectives. He expressed confidence in the joint efforts and anticipated further advancements in the near future, driven by the synergy between Kratos’ aircraft expertise and Shield AI’s AI and software capabilities.


The successful integration of Shield AI’s Hivemind AI pilot onto the Kratos MQM-178 Firejet marks a significant advancement in autonomous aviation technology. This achievement highlights the potential for AI-piloted aircraft to revolutionize military operations, offering enhanced capabilities and efficiency. The collaboration between Shield AI and Kratos underscores the importance of partnership and innovation in driving progress within the defense technology market. This milestone sets a precedent for future developments in AI-driven aviation, signaling a shift towards more autonomous and technologically advanced defense systems.