Simplify integrates AI into job searching, aiming to streamline the process


  • Simplify, a startup, integrates AI to streamline job searches.
  • The platform combines questionnaires, job scraping, and auto-filling applications.
  • It received $3 million in seed funding and aims to redefine the job search experience.
  • Users customize their preferences and receive tailored job listings.
  • The platform emphasizes user privacy and assists with resume building.
  • Simplify prioritizes diversity and inclusivity in its development process.

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In the realm of job searching, the repetitive nature of filling out applications and scouring listings can be a significant burden. Recognizing this, Simplify, an innovative startup, seeks to streamline this process through a comprehensive digital solution. By amalgamating questionnaires, job scraping, matching algorithms, application auto-filling, and text-based query assistance into a singular platform, Simplify aims to redefine the job search experience.

Recently securing a substantial $3 million seed funding round, the W21 YC graduates are poised to further develop their platform. CEO and co-founder, Michael Yan, emphasizes the necessity for a more intelligent approach to job applications. He envisions Simplify as an “always on AI career agent,” akin to a Hollywood agent familiar with your career trajectory, skills, and salary expectations.

Simplify’s functionality extends beyond mere job matching. Users can customize preferences such as work-life balance, diversity, or technological innovation. Additionally, the platform facilitates resume building and automates application completion, alleviating the tedium of repetitive form-filling. Notably, Simplify prioritizes user privacy, distinguishing itself from platforms like LinkedIn by safeguarding personal information from third-party visibility.

The cornerstone of Simplify’s offering lies in its ability to present curated job listings tailored to individual skills and preferences. Users can further expedite the application process through the Simplify Copilot Chrome extension, automating job applications from external job search tools. Moreover, the Copilot tool assists users in addressing application queries based on their background and competencies.

Originating from the founders’ personal frustrations with the conventional job application process, Simplify emerged as a solution to the inefficiencies they encountered during their college years. With a vision forged in the Y Combinator Winter 2021 cohort, Simplify has grown to approximately ten employees, with plans for expansion.

As Simplify continues to evolve, diversity remains a central tenet of its ethos. Yan underscores the importance of diverse perspectives in product development, particularly in mitigating bias in job searches. Looking ahead, Simplify is committed to exploring various monetization strategies while maintaining its commitment to enhancing the job search experience.


Simplify’s innovative utilization of AI technology to enhance the job search and application process signifies a significant shift in the market. By addressing the inefficiencies and frustrations commonly associated with traditional job searching methods, Simplify not only provides users with a more streamlined experience but also underscores the growing importance of personalized, data-driven solutions in the job market. This approach sets a new standard for job search platforms, emphasizing efficiency, personalization, and diversity.