SK Telecom’s $7.2 Billion Investment in US AI Startups: Transforming the AI Landscape


  • SK Telecom invests $7.2 billion in AI startups Allganize and Imprimed.
  • Allganize offers corporate clients LLM-powered apps for document analysis.
  • SK Telecom plans to integrate its AI cloud computing with Allganize’s apps.
  • Imprimed specializes in personalized cancer treatment predictions using AI.
  • SK Telecom and Imprimed collaborate on an AI model for cancer patient responses.
  • SK Telecom is part of the K-AI Alliance with 16 AI startups.
  • The “AI Pyramid Strategy” outlines SK Telecom’s ambitious AI investment plans.
  • SK Telecom aims to become a global AI leader through partnerships and innovation.

Main AI News:

SK Telecom, the leading Korean carrier, has recently poured a substantial sum of KRW 9.4 billion ($7.2 billion) into two prominent artificial intelligence (AI) startups, Allganize and Imprimed. This strategic move, as reported by The Korea Economic Daily, underlines SK Telecom’s commitment to advancing the AI landscape.

In this significant investment, SK Telecom allocated KRW 5.4 billion to Allganize and KRW 4 billion to Imprimed, reinforcing the Korean conglomerate’s belief in the potential of these innovative companies.

Allganize, headquartered in Houston, Texas, distinguishes itself by offering over 200 corporate clients access to a sophisticated Large Language Model (LLM) through generative AI. Notable clients include Japan’s Sumitomo Mitsui Finance, retail giant Aeon Co., and Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co. The allure of Allganize’s offerings lies in its online marketplace, where corporate clients can acquire apps powered by LLMs. These applications swiftly analyze documents within various sectors, such as law, human resources, and marketing, delivering concise and valuable insights.

Moreover, SK Telecom intends to integrate its AI cloud computing capabilities with Allganize’s apps, heralding a new era for LLM technology and online app businesses. This strategic synergy promises to reshape the landscape of AI-driven solutions.

On the other hand, Imprimed, headquartered in California, specializes in delivering personalized predictions related to cancer treatment outcomes. The company leverages advanced analytics to analyze a patient’s cancer cell characteristics and various drug responses, aiding in the identification of the most effective treatment options. SK Telecom’s investment in Imprimed signifies a commitment to harnessing AI for the advancement of healthcare.

In the wake of this collaboration, SK Telecom and Imprimed will collaborate on developing an AI model that predicts cancer patients’ responses by analyzing clinical traits and genetic information. This endeavor promises to revolutionize the field of oncology.

SK Telecom’s engagement in AI extends beyond individual investments, as it is a prominent member of the K-AI Alliance, comprising 16 AI startups. This alliance operates across three key sectors: AI service, AI transformation (AIX), and AI infrastructure. This diversified approach underscores SK Telecom’s dedication to fostering AI innovation.

In September, SK Telecom unveiled its aspiration to become a global AI powerhouse, emphasizing the importance of enhancing its AI capabilities and fostering global partnerships. The telco’s CEO, Ryu Young-sang, introduced the ‘AI Pyramid Strategy,’ focusing on three core areas: AI infrastructure, AI transformation (AIX), and AI service. Under this new strategy, SK Telecom anticipates a threefold increase in AI-related investments, rising from 12% in the past five years to an ambitious 33% over the next five years.

The company’s strength in AI Infrastructure is evident, with a concentrated effort in AI data centers, AI semiconductors, and multiple LLMs. SK Telecom is poised to leverage its extensive experience in AI services in the Korean market to develop a personal AI assistant service tailored for global customers. Collaborations with diverse global players, including the Global Telco AI Alliance, are set to accelerate SK Telecom’s strides in the dynamic AI landscape. This strategic evolution firmly positions SK Telecom as a prominent player in the global AI ecosystem.


SK Telecom’s substantial investments in Allganize and Imprimed signal its strong commitment to the AI market. The integration of AI capabilities into document analysis and healthcare holds promise for transformative solutions. As part of the K-AI Alliance and its ambitious “AI Pyramid Strategy,” SK Telecom is poised to impact the AI landscape significantly and strengthen its position as a global AI leader.