SoftServe Unveils Four Cutting-Edge Demonstrations Showcasing Generative AI and Industrial Metaverse Adoption at NVIDIA GTC 2024

  • SoftServe unveils four cutting-edge demos at NVIDIA GTC 2024 showcasing the benefits of Generative AI and industrial metaverse adoption.
  • Demos include WarehouseSim, Simulation First, Gen AI Industrial Copilot, and Gen AI Assistant, all developed using NVIDIA technologies.
  • These demos offer solutions for optimizing operations, reducing costs, and enhancing customer experiences across various industries.
  • SoftServe’s thought leaders will present sessions covering synthetic data training, generative AI applications, advanced simulations, and large language models at GTC.
  • Attendees can interact with the demos in person and attend informative sessions during the conference.

Main AI News:

SoftServe, a leading provider of IT consulting and digital services, has revealed its plan to introduce four groundbreaking demonstrations highlighting the advantages of adopting Generative AI (Gen AI) and the industrial metaverse at NVIDIA GTC, the premier global AI conference scheduled for next week.

These four innovative demos – WarehouseSim, Simulation First, Industrial Copilot, and Gen – have been meticulously crafted using NVIDIA technologies to illustrate effective strategies for businesses looking to integrate technologies like Gen AI, digital twins, robotics, and simulations into their operations.

Taras Bachynskyi, Vice President of Technology at SoftServe, commented, “All four demos from SoftServe represent the pinnacle of leveraging digital twins and Gen AI to address real-world business challenges. From enhancing efficiency and speeding up time-to-market in industrial settings to delivering immersive customer experiences, our goal is to showcase the potential of NVIDIA® Omniverse™, NVIDIA NeMo™, NVIDIA Riva, and other cutting-edge technologies in a compelling manner that accelerates adoption.”

SoftServe will be showcasing the following demos at booth #426:

  1. SoftServe WarehouseSim: This digital twin enables users to construct, operate, and optimize a warehouse virtually before implementation. By simulating industrial metaverse scenarios, stakeholders can assess potential changes and their impacts on operations, thereby minimizing risks and costs. The demo facilitates the evaluation of various elements such as racks, docks, conveyors, forklifts, and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to optimize throughput.
  2. SoftServe Simulation First: This demo presents a physically accurate vertical farm environment where users can collaborate with robots through simulations. By leveraging high-fidelity simulations, businesses can significantly reduce costs associated with robotics and automation, enabling safer testing, rapid deployment, and enhanced optimization across industries.
  3. SoftServe Gen AI Industrial Copilot: Utilizing large language models (LLMs), this demo provides operational support to physical workers by offering guidance and insights based on knowledge of manufacturing processes and equipment. Through Generative AI, users gain access to detailed instructions and autogenerated insights, streamlining maintenance processes and improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
  4. Gen, SoftServe Gen AI Assistant: Serving as a virtual customer assistant and digital concierge, Gen offers personalized and immersive experiences for customer support, onboarding, and general education. By harnessing LLMs and advanced dialog management mechanisms, Gen delivers superior customer service experiences both online and in physical locations.

SoftServe’s demos, powered by NVIDIA technologies, including NVIDIA Omniverse™, NVIDIA Isaac Sim™, and NVIDIA AI Enterprise, will be showcased at booth #426 during NVIDIA GTC.

Additionally, SoftServe’s thought leaders will be presenting at various sessions during GTC, covering topics such as synthetic data training, generative AI applications for the industrial metaverse, advanced robotic systems simulation, acceleration of chemical reactor simulations, and optimization of large language models.


: SoftServe’s demonstration of advanced applications of Generative AI and industrial metaverse technologies at NVIDIA GTC 2024 underscores a significant shift towards innovative solutions in the market. With a focus on enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving customer experiences across industries, these demonstrations highlight the growing importance of leveraging cutting-edge technologies for competitive advantage. As businesses seek to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape, the adoption of such solutions becomes imperative to drive growth and maintain relevance in the market.