Sparkling Logic Introduces AI Assistant: Revolutionizing Decision Management with Generative AI

  • Sparkling Logic introduces AI Assistant, an interactive tool for decision management powered by generative AI.
  • AI Assistant, an extension to SMARTS™ platform, offers real-time support throughout decision management lifecycle.
  • Features include project asset creation/modification, explanation generation for decision logic outcomes, and product-related inquiries.
  • AI Assistant streamlines onboarding, enables no-code business rule authoring, and enhances decision-making transparency.
  • Part of Sparkling Logic’s Augmented Intelligence initiative, aimed at simplifying decision management for non-technical users.

Main AI News:

Sparkling Logic has unveiled its latest innovation, AI Assistant, a cutting-edge interactive tool designed to streamline decision management processes through the power of generative AI.

As an extension to the renowned SMARTS™ decision management platform, AI Assistant offers tailored, real-time assistance across every stage of the decision management lifecycle. Harnessing the capabilities of a language learning model (LLM)-based generative AI, AI Assistant boasts a repertoire of pre-trained decision management tasks. Users can seamlessly engage with the AI Assistant, utilizing natural language to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Initiate and refine project elements, including data structures, decision flows, and business rules.
  • Obtain clear and concise explanations for decision outcomes.
  • Pose inquiries regarding product functionalities and receive comprehensive summaries along with relevant links from SMARTS™ Documentation.

The introduction of AI Assistant heralds a paradigm shift, empowering users to expedite onboarding processes, effortlessly draft business rules sans coding requirements, and enhance overall transparency within decision-making frameworks. Originally unveiled as part of Sparkling Logic’s Augmented Intelligence initiative last autumn, AI Assistant exemplifies the company’s commitment to harnessing emerging technologies such as generative AI to simplify decision management for non-technical business analysts and domain experts.

Carlos Serrano-Morales, Co-Founder and CTO of Sparkling Logic, remarked, “At Sparkling Logic, we envisioned SMARTS™ as a catalyst for granting business stakeholders greater autonomy over their operational decisions through an innovative decision management platform. AI Assistant epitomizes this vision, complementing our existing suite of SMARTS™ tools to empower non-technical users in efficiently navigating decision logic. Our roadmap is brimming with further LLM-supported tools aimed at bolstering business analysts’ productivity in the creation, evaluation, and administration of operational decisions.”


The introduction of AI Assistant by Sparkling Logic signifies a significant advancement in decision management technology. By leveraging generative AI, this tool not only streamlines workflow efficiency but also democratizes decision-making processes, empowering non-technical users to take greater control. As businesses increasingly seek ways to enhance operational agility and responsiveness, AI Assistant represents a pivotal innovation poised to reshape the market landscape by bridging the gap between technical complexities and business requirements.