Spotify tests AI-powered playlist creation


  • Spotify tests an AI-driven playlist creation feature.
  • Users can craft playlists using AI technology and prompts.
  • The feature is accessible in the “Your Library” tab.
  • Prompts include options like focusing on work or exploring niche genres.
  • Spotify remains tight-lipped about the technology and launch date.
  • The platform has been actively investing in AI, including an AI DJ.
  • CEO Daniel Ek envisions AI in music creation and podcast summarization.

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In a recent development, Spotify has taken a bold step into the world of AI-driven playlist creation. The music streaming giant is conducting a test to gauge user response to this innovative feature, allowing subscribers to craft playlists using artificial intelligence and prompts. While details about the underlying technology and a definitive launch date remain undisclosed, Spotify is evidently pushing the boundaries of its offerings.

The AI playlists feature, which was initially discovered in a TikTok video by user @robdad_, is accessible through the “Your Library” tab in Spotify’s app. A simple tap on the plus (+) button at the top right corner of the screen unveils a pop-up menu. Here, the AI playlist feature emerges as a fresh option alongside the existing “Playlist” and “Blend” choices.

The feature’s description invites users to “Turn your ideas into playlists using AI” and is currently available exclusively in English. Upon selection, users are presented with a screen where they can either input their prompts into an AI chatbot-style box or peruse a list of suggested prompts. Prompts such as “get focused at work with instrumental electronica,” “fill in the silence with background café music,” “get pumped up with fun, upbeat, and positive songs,” and “explore a niche genre like Witch House” spark creativity.

Once a prompt is chosen, the AI chatbot gets to work with a reassuring “Processing your request…” message, eventually presenting a sample playlist. Users can further refine the playlist by swiping left to remove any songs that do not align with their preferences.

References to this intriguing AI feature first surfaced when tech veteran Chris Messina unearthed screenshots revealing a feature that would generate “playlists based on your prompts.” Despite initial speculation, Spotify declined to confirm its plans for AI playlists at that time, leaving users in suspense.

Even as curiosity and expectations around AI playlists mount, Spotify remains cautious in its approach. A spokesperson stated, “We routinely conduct a number of tests. Some of those tests end up paving the path for our broader experience, and others serve only as an important learning.” For now, the company is not divulging any further details.

While Spotify hesitates to commit to the full-scale launch of AI playlists, the platform has been making significant investments in AI. Earlier this year, it introduced an AI DJ that curates personalized playlists and delivers commentary in an AI-generated voice. This initiative, which was launched globally in August, reflects Spotify’s commitment to enhancing user experiences through AI.

Spotify’s head of Personalization, Ziad Sultan, emphasized the company’s dedication to exploring the vast potential of AI. He highlighted their “large research team that is understanding all the possibilities across Large Language Models, across generative voice, [and] across personalization,” underlining Spotify’s ambition to establish itself as an AI expert.

CEO Daniel Ek hinted at additional AI applications, including the potential use of generative AI to summarize podcasts and create automatic audio ads. He also envisioned artists harnessing AI tools in their creative processes. Spotify’s AI-powered personalization technologies and its pursuit of lifelike host-read podcast ads further demonstrate the platform’s enthusiasm for AI adoption.


Spotify’s experiment with AI-driven playlists signifies the company’s commitment to innovation and enhancing user experiences. This move reflects the growing influence of AI in the music streaming industry, as it seeks to offer more personalized and engaging content to its subscribers. As Spotify continues to invest in AI, it may pave the way for a new era of music curation and content creation, setting a benchmark for the market’s future development.