Syensqo unveils and SyGPT, its proprietary ChatGPT

  • Syensqo introduces, an internal ChatGPT designed for workplace efficiency and innovation.
  • Developed in collaboration with Microsoft, SyGPT operates on GPT-4 Turbo, ensuring robust security and confidentiality.
  • SyGPT serves as a versatile personal assistant, aimed at saving several hours per week for Syensqo employees.
  • The team focused on agile development, emphasizing business needs, cybersecurity, and responsible AI.
  • Future plans include frequent updates to enhance interaction capabilities and optimize company processes.

Main AI News:

Syensqo proudly launches SyGPT, an exclusive internal version of ChatGPT, designed to revolutionize workplace efficiency and innovation. This significant advancement heralds a new era at Syensqo, harnessing artificial intelligence to advance humanity through cutting-edge technology.

SyGPT, developed in collaboration with Microsoft and currently powered by GPT-4 Turbo, provides a robust and secure solution tailored to the specific needs of Syensqo employees. Unlike public chatbots, SyGPT ensures complete confidentiality, enabling users to handle sensitive information securely. Serving as a versatile personal assistant for daily tasks or scientific research, SyGPT aims to liberate several hours each week for Syensqo staff.

The team has devoted the past three months to developing this groundbreaking tool.

Our agile development approach, centered on business needs, cybersecurity, and responsible AI principles, has facilitated rapid deployment and continuous enhancement. SyGPT is crafted by our team to elevate performance, and we are enthusiastic about the journey ahead and the myriad possibilities SyGPT and AI will bring to our company.” VINCENT COLEGRAVE, HEAD OF SYENSQO.AI TEAM

Looking forward, plans frequent updates to SyGPT, enabling more personalized and insightful interactions, fundamentally transforming how employees access and leverage company knowledge. AI advancements will further optimize and streamline all company processes, with actively pursuing initiatives to propel customer service and innovation capabilities forward.


Syensqo’s launch of signifies a significant advancement in workplace AI integration. By prioritizing security and efficiency, Syensqo sets a benchmark for leveraging AI to enhance operational productivity and data confidentiality in the market. This move underscores a strategic commitment to innovation and employee empowerment, positioning Syensqo competitively in the evolving landscape of AI-driven business solutions.