Symbotic, Walmart-Backed AI Warehouse Tech Firm, Reports Record Revenue and Soars 40% in Shares


  • Symbotic, supported by Walmart and Softbank, reports a 40% surge in shares after announcing record revenue.
  • Fiscal Q4 revenue stands at $392 million, up from $244 million the previous year.
  • Despite a net loss of $45 million, Symbotic has improved its financial performance compared to 2022.
  • Symbotic’s innovative AI-powered robotic technology is gaining popularity among major retailers, including Walmart and Target.
  • Walmart holds over 62% stake in Symbotic, emphasizing its confidence in the company.
  • SoftBank also has a significant stake in contributing to Symbotic’s success.
  • Year-to-date, Symbotic’s shares have quadrupled in value.

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Symbotic, the AI warehouse technology firm backed by retail giant Walmart and Softbank, has made significant strides in its financial performance, causing its stock to surge by an impressive 40%. The company’s robust financials can be attributed to its focus on enhancing margins and the successful deployment of cutting-edge systems.

In the fiscal fourth quarter, Symbotic reported a staggering $392 million in revenue, a remarkable increase from the $244 million recorded in the previous year. While the company did post a net loss of $45 million, it marked a notable improvement from the $53 million loss reported in 2022. The loss per share also showed a positive trend, narrowing down from 10 cents per share to 8 cents per share compared to the previous year. Notably, Symbotic’s full-year revenue for 2023 reached a substantial $1.77 billion, representing an impressive 98% growth from the previous year.

Symbotic’s Chief Financial Officer, Tom Ernst, expressed his satisfaction with the company’s performance, stating, “We are pleased to report another quarter of strong revenue growth and margins. We initiated four new system deployments and completed the commissioning of two systems. We also accelerated the pace of system deployments.”

The core of Symbotic’s success lies in its state-of-the-art robotic technology, which harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to deliver comprehensive supply chain solutions. Their innovative approach has gained widespread recognition and adoption, with major retailers such as Walmart and Target utilizing Symbotic’s technology in their warehouses.

Walmart, in particular, has not only embraced Symbotic’s cutting-edge solutions but has also invested significantly in the company. Holding an impressive 62% stake in Symbotic, as reported by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Walmart views Symbotic’s system as groundbreaking. According to Walmart’s Executive Vice President of Supply Chain Operations, Joe Metzger, Symbotic’s technology is “first-of-its-kind,” utilizing intricate algorithms to efficiently store products with high-speed mobile bots. This precision not only accelerates the intake process but also enhances the accuracy of stored freight for future orders.

Symbotic’s success story is not limited to Walmart, as SoftBank also holds a substantial stake in the company, accounting for more than 33% of its shares.

The market has responded positively to Symbotic’s remarkable achievements, with the company’s shares surging fourfold in value year-to-date. This upward trajectory reflects the growing recognition of Symbotic as a pioneering force in the field of AI-powered warehouse automation, with a promising future ahead.


Symbotic’s remarkable financial performance and surging share prices underscore the growing importance of AI-powered warehouse automation in the market. With major players like Walmart and Softbank backing the company, Symbotic’s innovative solutions are poised for further expansion and market leadership in the field of supply chain automation.