Tech Job Landscape: AI Integration Rates Skyrocket to 14%, Dice Analysis Reveals

  • Dice analysis finds that 14% of tech job postings now mention AI or machine learning skills, up from 9% last year.
  • Total AI and machine learning job openings reach 60,784 in early 2024, an 8.5% increase from 2023.
  • Despite a 26% decline in overall tech job postings, demand for AI skills remains robust.
  • Dice CEO compares the significance of AI’s rise to the advent of the internet and smartphones.
  • Generative AI integration across workflows intensifies demand for skilled tech professionals.
  • The average salary for machine learning experts stands at $122,060, nearly 10% higher than the tech industry average.

Main AI News:

The latest analysis of tech job listings by Dice reveals a significant surge in the mention of artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning skills. In February, a striking 14% of all job postings referenced these critical capabilities, marking a notable increase from the previous year’s 9%.

At the onset of 2024, the total count of available AI and machine learning positions reached an impressive 60,784, showcasing an 8.5% uptick from the beginning of 2023, when it stood at 56,018. Remarkably, this surge occurred against the backdrop of a 26% decline in overall tech job postings over the same period.

According to Dice CEO Art Zeile, the current landscape in the tech industry mirrors the transformative eras of the internet’s emergence and the introduction of smartphones. Zeile remarked, “This is an exciting time to be in tech; in terms of AI’s magnitude, it’s on par with the dawn of the internet and the release of the first smartphones.”

Zeile emphasized, “Artificial intelligence is not a new phenomenon, but the demand for AI skills today is escalating across almost every sector.” He further noted, “Generative AI is being integrated into almost every workflow, and CEOs are focused now on AI-driven efficiency. That just amplifies the need to hire and train those skilled tech professionals.”

The impact of generative AI is also evident in the salary trends for AI- and machine learning-related roles. Despite a plateau in the average tech salary, roles requiring expertise in machine learning command an average salary of $122,060, nearly 10% higher than the overall tech average of $111,193, as revealed by Dice’s 2024 Tech Salary Report.

As of March 20, Dice conducted a comprehensive analysis of tech job postings in the US, leveraging Lightcast’s skills category taxonomy specific to AI/machine learning and “Natural Language Processing.”


The surge in AI integration rates within tech job postings, coupled with the substantial increase in AI-related job openings and salary premiums, signifies a seismic shift in the tech job market. Employers across sectors are recognizing the imperative of AI skills, indicating a growing reliance on AI-driven technologies to enhance operational efficiency and innovation. This trend underscores the critical importance of investing in AI education and talent acquisition to meet the escalating demand for skilled professionals in the evolving tech landscape.