The Future of Restaurant Ordering: Checkmate’s Integration of VoiceBite AI

  • Checkmate, a leading restaurant solutions provider, has acquired VoiceBite, a voice AI company.
  • VoiceBite’s advanced technology streamlines the restaurant ordering process with minimal human intervention.
  • The acquisition enables seamless integration of voice AI into Checkmate’s platform, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Key benefits include smart upselling, context-aware ordering, multilingual voices, and hands-on support.
  • This strategic move positions Checkmate at the forefront of AI-driven dining solutions, offering unparalleled customer experiences.

Main AI News:

Checkmate has finalized the acquisition of VoiceBite, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of restaurant technology. This strategic move amalgamates two industry powerhouses to offer an unparalleled integrated voice AI solution, revolutionizing phone ordering, drive-thru operations, and beyond.

The synergy between Checkmate, a prominent provider of restaurant ordering solutions, and VoiceBite, a trailblazer in voice AI technology, promises a transformative dining experience. VoiceBite’s innovative approach, leveraging advanced Large Language Models (LLMs), has enabled it to autonomously handle over 95% of voice-ordering scenarios, setting a new standard for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

By seamlessly integrating with existing phone systems and POS infrastructure, VoiceBite ensures a swift setup process, requiring minimal staff training. As an integral part of the Checkmate platform, VoiceBite’s technology streamlines operations, reduces costs, and enhances profitability for restaurants.

In an era where customer experience reigns supreme, Voice AI emerges as a game-changer. Unlike outdated models, VoiceBite’s solution mimics human interaction, eliminating friction points and offering a natural ordering experience. This acquisition propels Checkmate to the forefront of AI-driven dining solutions, enabling brands to deploy cutting-edge technology swiftly and effortlessly.

Key Advantages:

  1. Seamless Integration & Implementation: Checkmate’s expertise simplifies the integration of voice AI, empowering staff to focus on value-added tasks.
  2. Smart Upselling: VoiceBite’s intelligent upselling engine suggests complementary items, maximizing revenue opportunities.
  3. Context-Aware Ordering: The AI intelligently interprets vague requests and remembers past preferences, ensuring a personalized experience.
  4. Multilingual Human Voices: Engage customers with friendly, multilingual voices, enhancing brand rapport.
  5. Natural Cadence: VoiceBite’s AI adapts to interruptions seamlessly, delivering an intuitive ordering experience.
  6. Text Ordering & Payment: Simplify order placement and secure payments via text, augmenting convenience.
  7. Hands-On Support: Benefit from Checkmate’s dedicated support, ensuring uninterrupted operations and customer satisfaction.

Mike Bell, Checkmate’s Chief of Strategy, emphasizes the significance of this acquisition in enhancing the ordering experience. By seamlessly integrating voice AI capabilities, Checkmate empowers restaurants to deliver exceptional service across digital channels, driving operational efficiency and customer loyalty.

Robert Nessler, Founder & CEO of VoiceBite, echoes this sentiment, expressing enthusiasm about the synergy between the two entities. The collaboration promises exponential value creation, facilitating conversational AI ordering across all touchpoints and catalyzing innovation in voice AI development for restaurants.


The acquisition of VoiceBite by Checkmate signifies a significant advancement in the restaurant technology landscape. By seamlessly integrating advanced voice AI capabilities, Checkmate enables restaurants to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences across all touchpoints. This strategic move underscores the increasing importance of AI-driven solutions in the competitive market, signaling a shift towards more efficient and personalized dining experiences.