TikTok Explores AI-Driven Search Results

  • TikTok introduces AI-generated search results known as “search highlights”
  • AI-generated snippets appear at the top of some search result pages, providing users with quick access to relevant content
  • Content is generated using ChatGPT and displayed based on its relevance to user queries
  • Not all search queries yield AI-generated responses, indicating the feature is still in its early stages
  • TikTok also incorporates unlabeled search highlights, prompting speculation about their origin and sourcing
  • This move aligns with TikTok’s strategy to enhance its in-app search functionality, building upon previous integrations with Google Search and external sites like Wikipedia and IMDb

Main AI News:

TikTok is delving into the realm of AI-generated search outcomes, marking a significant evolution in its search capabilities. This latest addition, dubbed “search highlights,” introduces a more comprehensive search results page leveraging generative AI technology.

A snippet of AI-generated results conspicuously adorns select search result pages, providing users with a glimpse into the potential of this innovative feature. Upon clicking on this section, users are ushered into a dedicated page housing the complete AI-generated responses. Initial trials demonstrate the efficacy of this feature, with AI-generated results readily available for inquiries spanning diverse topics, from culinary recipes to the latest in tech, such as “best laptops 2024.”

According to a page elucidating the functionality of these results, the content is meticulously crafted using ChatGPT, TikTok’s chosen AI model. The platform asserts that these results are presented based on their relevance to user queries, thereby enhancing the search experience. However, it’s worth noting that this feature seems to be in its nascent stages, as not all search inquiries yield AI-generated responses.

In addition to the AI-driven search highlights, TikTok also incorporates a similar feature, albeit without explicit labeling of AI generation. These highlights, too, occupy the prime real estate at the top of search results, yet their origin remains somewhat enigmatic. Whether these highlights stem from video summaries or external sources remains undisclosed, as TikTok has refrained from commenting on this aspect.

This foray into AI-powered search underscores TikTok’s commitment to refining its in-app search functionality. Building upon previous endeavors, such as integrating Google Search results and embedding links to external sites like Wikipedia and IMDb, TikTok continues to augment its search capabilities.

By embracing AI-driven solutions, TikTok aims to cater to the evolving habits of its user base, particularly the younger demographic. With many users gravitating towards TikTok as a primary source of information and recommendations, akin to traditional search engines, the integration of AI-generated results serves to enrich the platform’s utility. Much like industry stalwart Google, TikTok is now leveraging AI to prioritize relevance and enhance user engagement by surfacing AI-generated content alongside creator-driven offerings.


TikTok’s foray into AI-driven search enhancements marks a strategic move to bolster its position as a multifaceted platform catering to the evolving needs of its user base. By leveraging AI-generated search highlights alongside conventional search results, TikTok aims to offer a more immersive and personalized user experience. This trend signals a broader shift towards AI-driven solutions in the social media landscape, underscoring the importance of relevance and user engagement in capturing market share and sustaining growth.