Tractable Secures $65 Million for AI-powered Accident and Disaster Recovery Platform


  • London-based AI company Tractable has raised $65 million in a Series E funding round led by SoftBank’s Vision Fund 2.
  • The funding will be used to enhance Tractable’s research and development capabilities.
  • SoftBank’s continued interest in Tractable is evident, as they previously partnered with a leading Japanese insurer to apply Tractable’s technology to home-based claims.
  • Tractable’s AI technology expedites the insurance claims process by analyzing accident photos to assess repairability and necessary repairs.
  • With a projected global insurance market value of $4.3 trillion by 2040, Tractable claims to process over $7 billion in annualized auto and home repairs and acquisitions.
  • Tractable’s notable clients include Tokio Marine Insurance Group, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance, and Sompo.

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Tractable, the AI-powered accident and disaster recovery platform based in London, has successfully secured an impressive $65 million in its recent Series E funding round. This round was led by SoftBank, the renowned Japanese investment powerhouse, through its Vision Fund 2. The funding will be instrumental in boosting Tractable’s research and development capabilities as it continues to revolutionize the industry.

In addition to SoftBank, existing investors Insight Partners and Georgian also participated in the funding round, showcasing their continued confidence in Tractable’s vision and potential. Despite SoftBank’s reported $32 billion loss in the previous financial year ending in March, the company’s interest in Tractable remains strong. This is further supported by its partnership announcement during the $60 million Series D round, where SoftBank collaborated with a leading insurer in Japan to leverage Tractable’s advanced technology for home-based insurance claims. Notable clients of Tractable include Tokio Marine Insurance Group, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance, and Sompo.

Tractable’s cutting-edge AI technology significantly expedites the decision-making process in insurance claims, providing a much-needed solution to the cumbersome and time-consuming procedures commonly associated with filing claims. By analyzing accident photos using AI algorithms, Tractable is capable of swiftly determining the repairability of a damaged car and identifying the necessary repairs. With the global insurance market projected to reach a staggering $4.3 trillion in premiums by 2040, Tractable is well-positioned to tap into this lucrative market. Presently, the company claims to process over $7 billion in annualized auto and home repairs and acquisitions, a remarkable achievement that has more than doubled year-over-year.

Alex Dalyac, the CEO and co-founder of Tractable, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the partnership with SoftBank, stating, “Tractable’s AI has helped millions recover faster from accidents and natural disasters. In SoftBank, we have found a partner who comprehends the extensive range of applications for our technology across the insurance, automotive, and property sectors, thanks to their profound networks within these industries.”


Tractable’s successful $65 million Series E funding round, led by SoftBank, signifies a strong endorsement of the company’s AI-powered accident and disaster recovery platform. This investment will not only accelerate Tractable’s research and development efforts but also solidify its position as a key player in the market. With the projected growth of the insurance industry, Tractable’s innovative technology and notable partnerships position the company to capitalize on the increasing demand for efficient claims processing and contribute to the transformation of the insurance sector.