Transformative Innovations in Mining: TOMRA Unveils OBTAIN with Deep Learning Technology


  • TOMRA Mining introduces OBTAIN™ at Mining Indaba, integrating Deep Learning for precise particle sorting.
  • AI, including Machine Learning and Deep Learning, enhances TOMRA’s sorting solutions, optimizing efficiency and value.
  • OBTAIN™ revolutionizes ore sorting, achieving single-particle precision and unlocking value from low-grade materials.
  • The software empowers mining operations to optimize throughput and enhance sorting precision.
  • Real-world testing demonstrates OBTAIN’s readiness to transform sensor-based sorting across various applications.
  • Prospective mining operators can explore OBTAIN™’s potential through demonstrations at TOMRA’s Test Center.

Main AI News:

TOMRA Mining unveils groundbreaking OBTAIN at Mining Indaba in Cape Town, ushering in a new era of sensor-based sorting empowered by Deep Learning technology. This innovative software revolutionizes particle sorting with single-particle precision, elevating capacity, quality, and recovery to unprecedented levels. Through meticulous data analysis, OBTAIN™ provides mining operations with invaluable insights for informed decision-making, driving unparalleled value creation.

In the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), TOMRA Mining has been a trailblazer since the inception of CommoDaS in 1993, pioneering the integration of AI into sensor-based sorting solutions. Leveraging decades of experience, TOMRA has continually advanced its technologies, incorporating Machine Learning and Deep Learning to automate processes, enhance accuracy, and optimize efficiency, thereby maximizing value for mining operations.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning, integral components of AI, have evolved significantly, enabling rapid data processing and decision-making without human intervention. These technologies not only refine existing sorting processes but also unlock opportunities to process previously disregarded low-grade materials, expanding the scope of mining operations while delivering superior performance and efficiency.

It is imperative to recognize that AI solutions are not universally applicable; hence, TOMRA remains committed to tailoring technology selections to individual needs, drawing upon its extensive expertise and robust research and development capabilities.

The OBTAIN software epitomizes TOMRA’s commitment to innovation, introducing a paradigm shift in high-throughput ore sorting by achieving single-particle precision through Deep Learning. This transformative technology empowers mining operations to optimize throughput while maintaining sorting efficiency or enhancing sorting precision without compromising existing throughput, offering unparalleled versatility and performance.

Moreover, OBTAIN augments recovery rates and product quality within current throughput capacities, while also enabling increased throughput in mines with additional capacity, thereby maximizing operational efficiency and profitability. Additionally, it unlocks value from previously untapped resources, such as low-grade ore and waste materials, further amplifying its impact on mining operations.

Beyond its sorting capabilities, OBTAIN enriches mining operations with comprehensive, real-time data insights facilitated by TOMRA Insight, empowering informed decision-making and proactive maintenance planning. Available for both new models and existing machines through upgrade packages, OBTAIN represents a significant opportunity for customers to enhance sorting performance and drive operational excellence.

With successful real-world testing at mining sites like the Wolfram Bergbau & Hütten tungsten mine, TOMRA demonstrates the readiness of OBTAIN to revolutionize sensor-based sorting across diverse applications. Prospective mining operators can explore the transformative potential of OBTAIN through demonstrations at the TOMRA Test Center in Wedel, Germany, marking a pivotal step towards maximizing sorting efficiency and value creation.

Looking ahead, TOMRA Mining remains committed to harnessing the full potential of AI, continuously pushing boundaries to deliver cutting-edge sorting technologies tailored to evolving industry needs. By embracing Machine Learning and Deep Learning, TOMRA aims to not only optimize existing processes but also revolutionize customer support, material analysis, and predictive maintenance, cementing its position as a leader in innovative sorting solutions for the mining sector.


The introduction of OBTAIN™ by TOMRA Mining signifies a significant leap forward in sensor-based sorting technology, leveraging Deep Learning to redefine efficiency, accuracy, and value creation in mining operations. This innovation not only enhances sorting processes but also opens new avenues for extracting value from previously overlooked resources. As the mining industry embraces these transformative technologies, we can anticipate heightened efficiency, improved sustainability, and enhanced profitability across the market.