Truecaller’s Personalized Call Responses: A Microsoft Partnership Revolutionizes AI Interaction

  • Truecaller collaborates with Microsoft to enable users to respond to calls using their own voice through AI technology.
  • Microsoft’s Personal Voice technology, integrated into Truecaller’s Assistant, replicates users’ voices for personalized interactions.
  • Users record a brief script to initiate the digital replication process, enhancing call management experiences.
  • Truecaller restricts customization options for greeting templates to distinguish between synthesized and system-generated voices.
  • The rollout of the personal voice feature begins in select markets, promising a transformative shift in call response capabilities.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of AI, the role of voice agents is rapidly transforming. With companies increasingly exploring avenues to humanize interactions, Truecaller, a leading caller ID service, has embarked on an innovative journey. Through a strategic partnership with tech titan Microsoft, Truecaller introduces a groundbreaking feature allowing users to leverage its AI-powered Assistant to respond to calls in their own unique voice.

This groundbreaking collaboration harnesses Microsoft’s cutting-edge Personal Voice technology, an integral component of Azure AI Speech. Truecaller users, particularly those on premium tiers, now have the capability to have their voices replicated by the Assistant, enabling personalized interactions with callers. Whether it’s greeting callers or providing responses, the Assistant seamlessly mirrors the user’s voice, offering a more engaging and authentic experience.

To initiate this process, Truecaller users are prompted to record a brief script in their own voice, granting consent for digital replication. This enables the Assistant to accurately emulate the user’s voice, ensuring a seamless transition to personalized call responses. While users retain the option to customize follow-up responses based on their preferences, Truecaller has implemented measures to distinguish between synthesized and system-generated voices.

Acknowledging the transformative potential of this feature, Raphael Mimoun, Product Director and General Manager of Truecaller Israel, expresses enthusiasm for the future. “We firmly believe that the personal voice feature will revolutionize the way our users manage their calls and elevate their overall experience with Truecaller Assistant,” Mimoun states. The collaboration with Microsoft underscores Truecaller’s commitment to leveraging AI-driven solutions to enhance user experiences.

The rollout of the personal voice feature will commence gradually, beginning with select markets including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and India, among others. Initially available to public beta users, the feature will subsequently be extended to all eligible users, promising a paradigm shift in call management capabilities. As Truecaller continues to push boundaries through strategic partnerships and technological innovation, the future of personalized communication appears increasingly promising.


The partnership between Truecaller and Microsoft signifies a significant advancement in AI-driven call management solutions. By offering users the ability to respond to calls in their own voice, the collaboration not only enhances user experiences but also underscores the growing demand for personalized interaction in the market. This innovative feature has the potential to reshape consumer expectations and drive further adoption of AI-powered technologies in the telecommunications sector.