Uniting Forces: Untether AI and Arm Forge Path in Smart Vehicle Solutions

  • Untether AI and Arm collaborate to integrate semiconductor technology into SDV solutions.
  • Focus on enhancing performance, power efficiency, safety, and security in AV and ADAS.
  • Strategic alignment to optimize leading-edge AI technology for seamless integration across vehicles.
  • Untether AI’s innovative chip architecture minimizes data travel distance, reducing energy consumption.
  • The appointment of Chris Walker as CEO signals a focus on scaling and pioneering inference acceleration.
  • Untether AI secures over $200 million CAD in funding, backed by prominent investors.
  • Partnership with Arm positions Untether AI in the forefront of the semiconductor industry.
  • The market trend sees major players transitioning to Arm architecture for significant power efficiency gains.
  • Collaboration is poised to deliver next-generation SDV technology with unmatched energy efficiency.

Main AI News:

Untether AI, a leading Toronto-based semiconductor startup specializing in artificial intelligence (AI), has forged a strategic alliance with semiconductor giant Arm to integrate their cutting-edge semiconductor technology into software-defined vehicle (SDV) solutions. This collaboration brings together Untether’s groundbreaking inference acceleration technology, aimed at enhancing the efficiency of AI chips, with Arm’s specialized vehicle-focused technology tailored for SDVs.

According to BlackBerry, an SDV is a vehicle driven by software that manages its operations and incorporates specific functionalities and features. Untether aims to leverage this partnership to address key requirements in autonomous vehicles (AV) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), focusing on performance, power efficiency, safety, and security.

Suraj Gajendra, Arm’s Vice President of Automotive Products and Solutions, emphasized the growing demand for diverse compute levels in vehicles due to the rise of ADAS, AV, and advanced user experiences. He highlighted the importance of collaborating with Untether AI to optimize Arm’s leading-edge Automotive Enhanced technology alongside Untether AI’s acceleration capabilities, enabling partners to harness cutting-edge AI workloads seamlessly across the vehicle.

Untether AI, founded in 2018 by Martin Snelgrove, Darrick Wiebe, and Raymond Chik, has been dedicated to developing chips that enhance the speed and efficiency of AI workloads. Their innovative chip architecture for neural net inference minimizes data travel distance, thereby reducing energy consumption traditionally associated with data movement to processors.

Earlier this year, Untether appointed Chris Walker, a former Intel executive, as CEO. Walker’s leadership aims to propel Untether AI into its scaling phase, focusing on pioneering inference acceleration and fostering strategic partnerships to enable efficient deployment of generative AI at the edge.

With more than $200 million CAD ($152 million USD) in funding, including a significant round in 2021, Untether AI boasts support from prominent investors such as Intel, Tracker Capital, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, and Radical Ventures.

By aligning with Arm, Untether AI taps into one of the semiconductor industry’s major players. Arm’s soaring market capitalization, which exceeded $125 billion USD post its September IPO, underscores its significance in the semiconductor space. Notably, major players like Apple, Nvidia, and AMD have transitioned their chips from Intel to Arm architecture, citing significant power efficiency advantages.

Untether AI’s expertise in addressing SDV requirements combined with Arm’s industry leadership positions the partnership to deliver next-generation SDV technology with unparalleled energy efficiency, setting new standards in the smart vehicle landscape.


The collaboration between Untether AI and Arm signifies a significant advancement in smart vehicle solutions, promising enhanced performance, efficiency, and security. With Untether’s innovative chip technology and Arm’s industry leadership, the partnership is poised to reshape the semiconductor landscape, setting new standards for energy-efficient SDV technology.