Upstage Elevates AI Experience on Intel Core Ultra Processors

  • Upstage collaborates with Intel to optimize Solar Mini, their large language model (LLM), for Intel Core Ultra processors.
  • Integration of Solar LLM into Intel processors aims to revolutionize edge computing experiences with advanced AI capabilities.
  • Solar Mini is a versatile LLM designed for various natural language processing tasks in English, Korean, and Japanese.
  • WriteUp, Upstage’s writing assistant powered by Solar, enables offline content creation with customizable features for tone, length, and language.
  • Demonstrations of Solar Mini and WriteUp’s functionalities were showcased at the 2024 Taipei International Computer Show and Intel AI Summit in Seoul.

Main AI News:

In a strategic move, Upstage, a pioneering enterprise AI solutions provider, is set to enhance its flagship large language model (LLM), Solar Mini, specifically for Intel Core Ultra processors. This collaboration underscores Upstage’s commitment to advancing edge computing through integrated AI capabilities, heralding a new era of seamless connectivity and enhanced productivity.

Sung Kim, CEO and co-founder of Upstage, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Intel, stating, “The integration of Solar LLM directly into Intel’s high-performance processors signifies a leap forward in edge computing experiences. By harnessing the power of on-device AI, we aim to deliver faster, more intuitive interactions while prioritizing user privacy.”

Solar LLMs represent a suite of meticulously crafted models tailored to address diverse business requirements with unparalleled intelligence and cost-effectiveness. Among these, Solar Mini stands out as a versatile solution capable of addressing various natural language processing (NLP) tasks, including comprehension, summarization, translation, and content prediction, across English, Korean, and Japanese.

Additionally, Upstage introduces WriteUp, a portable writing assistant leveraging Solar’s capabilities, enabling users to create content effortlessly, even in offline environments. This innovative tool, operating directly on edge devices, guarantees data privacy and security while offering customizable features such as tone, length, emoji usage, and language preferences.

At the recent 2024 Taipei International Computer Show (COMPUTEX) and Intel AI Summit in Seoul on June 5, Upstage showcased the practical applications of Solar Mini and WriteUp in real-world PC user scenarios, demonstrating the transformative potential of integrated AI solutions in enhancing user experiences.


Upstage’s collaboration with Intel to enhance AI capabilities on Core Ultra processors signifies a strategic move towards advancing edge computing experiences. By integrating Solar LLM into high-performance processors, Upstage aims to deliver faster, more intuitive interactions while prioritizing user privacy. This partnership underscores the growing importance of integrated AI solutions in shaping the future of the market, offering transformative potential for businesses seeking enhanced productivity and connectivity.