Uzbekistan Military Hospitals Embrace VUNO AI: Advancing Healthcare with South Korean Innovation


  • South Korean medical AI firm, VUNO, delivers AI diagnosis support solutions to Uzbekistan military hospitals.
  • Part of a South Korean government project to showcase AI-powered imaging in partnership with military hospitals.
  • VUNO’s solutions, including VUNO Med Extremity X-ray and VUNO Med Chest X-ray, have been deployed in five major Uzbek military hospitals.

Main AI News:

In a remarkable stride towards enhancing healthcare capabilities, South Korean medical AI pioneer VUNO has successfully implemented its cutting-edge AI diagnosis support solutions within the healthcare landscape of Uzbekistan. This development comes as part of an extensive initiative, orchestrated by the South Korean government, aimed at showcasing the transformative potential of AI-driven imaging technologies in collaboration with military hospitals.

VUNO’s revolutionary solutions, specifically designed for upper limb and chest X-ray analysis, namely VUNO Med Extremity X-ray and VUNO Med Chest X-ray, have been seamlessly integrated into the operational framework of five prominent Uzbek military hospitals, with the prestigious Central Military Hospital being one of the distinguished recipients of this groundbreaking technology.

This strategic partnership not only underscores the global impact of South Korea’s technological prowess but also reinforces the pivotal role played by VUNO in advancing the frontiers of medical innovation. By providing military hospitals in Uzbekistan with state-of-the-art AI-powered diagnostic tools, VUNO and the South Korean government are ushering in a new era of healthcare excellence, where precision and efficiency converge to redefine patient care.


The deployment of VUNO’s AI diagnosis support solutions in Uzbekistan’s military hospitals marks a significant step in advancing healthcare capabilities. It demonstrates the global reach of South Korean medical AI technology and positions VUNO as a key player in the field of medical innovation. This development signifies a growing market for AI-powered healthcare solutions, where precision and efficiency are paramount.