Venus, the Masterpiece of Botticelli, Revived as Italy’s New Tourism Ambassador by AI


  • Italian Tourist Ministry launches “Open to Wonder” campaign featuring Venus as a virtual influencer.
  • The campaign showcases Italy’s beauty through the use of AI technology.
  • Venus is depicted in modern settings, serving as a guide for visitors to discover the country’s offerings.
  • The campaign is a collaboration between the Tourist Ministry and the National Tourism Agency and will be featured on social media.
  • Venus presents a new and modern perspective on Italy’s beauty and cultural identity.
  • This innovative approach appeals to a wider audience and sets a new standard for marketing and tourism campaigns.
  • The “Open to Wonder” campaign highlights Italy’s creativity and resourcefulness.

Main AI News:

The Italian Tourist Ministry has taken a novel approach to promoting their country with a modern twist. The “Open to Wonder” campaign features a well-known deity, Venus, but in a new form, created through the innovative use of artificial intelligence technology. This modern Venus serves as a virtual influencer, showcasing Italy’s beauty in a contemporary light.

The campaign depicts Venus in a series of intriguing and captivating settings, inviting international visitors to discover Italy’s diverse offerings. She can be seen taking selfies in St. Mark’s Square, cycling in front of the Colosseum, and even indulging in a slice of pizza by the shores of Lake Como. Dressed in the latest designer clothes, she serves as a guide for visitors, highlighting the country’s many beauty spots and cultural attractions.

The “Open to Wonder” campaign is a collaborative effort between the Tourist Ministry and the National Tourism Agency and will be featured across various social media platforms, including Instagram, where Venus will be interacting with her followers under the handle @venereitalia23. In one post, Venus channels her inner influencer with a seductive pose, with some images computer-generated while others feature a human model whose face is never shown.

This new approach to marketing Italy is not only innovative but also thought-provoking, as it challenges traditional notions of beauty and cultural identity. By presenting Venus as a virtual influencer, the campaign invites visitors to see Italy in a new light and discover its modern charm.

The message is clear. This Venus is not just an ancient deity but a virtual icon, ready to lead visitors on a journey of discovery and wonder through Italy. “I’m 30 – ok, maybe just a little bit older,” Venus says with a wink. “I’m a virtual influencer, and I’m here to show you the beauty of Italy in a whole new way.”

By using technology in this manner, the Italian Tourist Ministry is making a bold statement and setting a new standard for marketing and tourism campaigns. This innovative approach not only appeals to younger generations but also speaks to a wider audience, demonstrating the country’s commitment to modernity and progress. The “Open to Wonder” campaign is a true testament to Italy’s creativity and resourcefulness, and it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on all who see it.


The “Open to Wonder” campaign by the Italian Tourist Ministry represents a significant shift in marketing and tourism strategies. By leveraging artificial intelligence technology to showcase Italy’s beauty in a modern and innovative way, the campaign appeals to a wider audience and sets a new standard for tourism campaigns. This approach not only highlights Italy’s creativity and resourcefulness but also positions the country as a forward-thinking destination for tourists.

From a business standpoint, the “Open to Wonder” campaign is a prime example of how technology can be used to drive market growth and appeal to a wider audience. It also demonstrates the importance of being proactive and innovative in marketing efforts, especially in a highly competitive market like the tourism industry. Companies in other industries can learn from this example and consider how they can incorporate technology and modern strategies into their own marketing efforts.