Viva AI Secures Strategic Investment from a Premier Dental Industry Pioneer to Propel AI Receptionist and Office Manager Solutions for Dental Offices

  • Viva AI secures strategic investment from a leading dental industry pioneer.
  • Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs, Viva AI aims to integrate cutting-edge AI into dental office management.
  • Investment underscores Viva AI’s commitment to innovation and revolutionizing dental practice management.
  • Company plans to expand engineering team to enhance AI receptionist technologies for appointment scheduling, reminders, and patient communications.
  • Invitation extended to passionate engineers to join in shaping the future of dental practice management.
  • Funding to accelerate enhancement of AI platforms, including AI Receptionist, Office Manager, and Practice Optimizer tools.

Main AI News:

In a significant move poised to redefine the landscape of dental office management, Viva AI has secured a strategic investment from a leading innovator in the dental industry. This investment marks a pivotal moment for Viva AI, founded by seasoned entrepreneurs and tech visionaries Farid Fadaie, Avi Saranga, and Elaheh Ahmadi, as it reinforces the company’s mission to revolutionize dental practice management through cutting-edge AI technology.

The infusion of capital from this esteemed industry leader underscores Viva AI’s unwavering commitment to innovation and underscores its dedication to providing state-of-the-art solutions for dental offices worldwide.

To capitalize on this momentous occasion, Viva AI is poised to bolster its engineering team, augmenting its capabilities in AI receptionist technologies. These technologies, which encompass appointment scheduling, reminders, and patient communications, are set to undergo further refinement, both in manual and automated capacities. Viva AI extends a warm invitation to talented engineers who share its passion for AI and healthcare to join the company in shaping the future of dental practice management.

Collaborating with this esteemed industry pioneer represents a significant milestone in our journey to seamlessly integrate advanced AI with critical communication services, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of dental office operations,” remarked Farid Fadaie, CEO of Viva AI. “This strategic investment empowers us to elevate our suite of offerings, such as AI Practice Optimization and Communication Automation, empowering dental practices to thrive in delivering exceptional patient care while optimizing business performance.”

The infusion of funding will serve to expedite the evolution of Viva AI’s AI platforms, including its highly acclaimed AI Receptionist, Office Manager, and Practice Optimizer tools. These enhancements will not only broaden the company’s market penetration but also reinforce its commitment to operational excellence, further solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the field of dental practice management.


Viva AI’s strategic investment and innovations signal a significant shift in the dental practice management landscape, with a focus on seamlessly integrating advanced AI technologies to enhance operational efficiency. This move underscores a growing recognition within the market of the transformative potential of AI in optimizing both patient care and business operations within dental practices.