Voicenotes, developed by Buy Me a Coffee’s founders, introduces an AI-powered voice note app

  • Voicenotes, developed by Buy Me a Coffee’s founders, introduces an AI-powered voice note app with advanced features.
  • The app aims to streamline personal note-taking by offering real-time transcription, AI-generated summaries, and versatile formatting options.
  • Voicenotes’ unique “Ask my AI” feature enables users to verbally search through past notes for quick retrieval of information.
  • Despite competition from existing apps like Cleft Notes and AudioPen, Voicenotes distinguishes itself with its elegant design and utilization of top-tier AI models.
  • Challenges include market saturation and potential disruption from native solutions like Google Recorder and Samsung’s Transcribe Assist.
  • Subscription options include a lifetime access plan, with the company already surpassing $100,000 in revenue from subscriptions.
  • Future plans involve expanding to smartwatches and integrating voice notes with to-do lists for enhanced productivity.

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The founder of Buy Me a Coffee has launched a cutting-edge voice note application powered by AI The landscape of personal note-taking has witnessed a dramatic transformation with the advent of AI-powered tools such as OpenAI’s Whisper. This technology has paved the way for a myriad of applications in the market like AudioPen, Cleft Notes, and TalkNotes, each offering transcription capabilities to varying extents. However, despite the proliferation of such apps, there remains ample room for innovation and enhancement in terms of features.

Enter Voicenotes, the latest entrant in this domain. Developed by Jijo Sunny and Aleesha, the minds behind Buy Me a Coffee, Voicenotes distinguishes itself by introducing an AI assistant that facilitates querying of past notes alongside a plethora of other features such as summarization and diverse formatting options.

The genesis of Voicenotes can be traced back to a personal journey marked by adversity. Following a heartbreaking miscarriage, Jijo Sunny, along with his wife and Buy Me a Coffee co-founder Aleesha, embarked on a quest to create a tool that would not only capture voice notes but also transcribe them seamlessly. Their motivation stemmed from the need to retain crucial information conveyed by medical professionals during consultations. This experience laid the foundation for Voicenotes, which was first introduced to a select group of testers in March before being made available to the public as a web application in April.

Voicenotes boasts a user-friendly web interface that eliminates the need for cumbersome logins. Users can simply initiate recording sessions and witness real-time transcription without any hassle. The tool permits voice notes of up to one minute in duration for non-paying users, with extended features unlocked through subscription.

Key functionalities include the ability to tag, edit, and automatically generate titles using AI algorithms. Furthermore, Voicenotes empowers users to transform their notes into various formats such as blog posts, tweets, to-do lists, or emails, with AI-generated summaries highlighting the main points. The innovative “Ask my AI” feature enables verbal searches within notes, facilitating quick retrieval of specific information.

In a competitive landscape teeming with alternatives like Cleft Notes and AudioPen, Voicenotes aims to carve its niche by leveraging advanced AI models and a sleek interface. However, challenges abound as the market becomes increasingly saturated, with rivals offering compelling features such as on-device transcription and extended note lengths. Moreover, the looming prospect of native solutions like Google Recorder and Samsung’s Transcribe Assist poses a formidable threat.

To mitigate these challenges, Voicenotes adopts a strategic approach focused on cross-platform compatibility and continuous innovation. The company offers a range of subscription options, including a limited-time “believer” plan granting lifetime access. Revenue from subscriptions has already surpassed $100,000, underscoring the app’s growing popularity.

In an email correspondence with TechCrunch, Jijo Sunny emphasized Voicenotes’ commitment to simplicity, sophistication, and cutting-edge AI. Future plans include expanding to smartwatches and enhancing functionality to serve as a comprehensive real-time assistant. Additionally, efforts are underway to integrate voice notes with to-do lists, further enhancing productivity and user experience.


Voicenotes’ entry into the personal note-taking market signifies a paradigm shift, leveraging AI to streamline transcription and enhance user productivity. With a sleek interface, advanced features, and strategic pricing, Voicenotes is poised to disrupt the landscape, albeit facing stiff competition. Its success hinges on continued innovation, cross-platform compatibility, and delivering value to users seeking efficient note-taking solutions.