Weavel Selected for Y Combinator’s S24 Batch, Expands Reach in AI Analytics

  • Weavel, a Korean AI startup, chosen for Y Combinator’s prestigious S24 batch.
  • Secures additional investment after initial funding from Krew Capital.
  • Specializes in data analysis platforms for large language model (LLM)-based products, starting with conversational interfaces.
  • Enables companies to optimize user conversion and retention through data-driven decisions.
  • Expanding customer base through strategic partnerships with enterprise AI chatbot platforms.
  • Co-founders Park Jun-young and Jung Soon-ho aim to revolutionize LLM-based product efficiency and growth.

Main AI News:

Korean AI startup Weavel has been selected for Y Combinator’s S24 batch in the United States, securing follow-up investments. Only six months after receiving its initial investment from Krew Capital, Weavel has attracted further funding.

Established in November 2023, Weavel specializes in a data analysis platform tailored for products based on large language models (LLMs), initially focusing on conversational interfaces. Companies utilizing LLM-based products can leverage Weavel to identify crucial factors affecting user conversion and retention, make data-driven decisions, and streamline prompt improvement, fine-tuning, and dataset development.

Currently, Weavel is expanding its customer base through strategic integration partnerships with leading enterprise AI chatbot platforms such as Voiceflow and Botpress.

Y Combinator’s S24 batch program, renowned for its rigorous selection process, supports and nurtures early-stage startups biannually. The program is highly esteemed for providing practical guidance from experienced entrepreneurial partners.

With its acceptance into Y Combinator’s S24 batch, Weavel plans to further enhance its data analytics platform with robust support and aggressively pursue new clients in the U.S.

Weavel’s CEOs, Park Jun-young and Jung Soon-ho, stated, “LLM and generative AI are catalysts for disruptive innovation across various sectors. However, optimizing user experiences and performance for LLM-based products remains highly inefficient. With backing from Y Combinator and Krew Capital, we are developing a platform to accelerate growth tenfold for companies leveraging LLM technologies.”

The co-founders launched Weavel after encountering firsthand challenges in developing LLM-based AI services. Co-CEO Park Jun-young holds a degree in Computer Science from Seoul National University, while co-CEO Jung Soon-ho is currently pursuing studies in Electrical and Information Engineering at the same institution. They initially crossed paths at an AI conference and co-authored a paper on efficient LLM fine-tuning methods in 2023. Co-founder Jung Hyun-ji, who studied data science at UC Berkeley, previously developed conversational AI-based data analytics services at Chartmetric.


The selection of Weavel for Y Combinator’s S24 batch and its subsequent funding signify a significant endorsement of its capabilities in enhancing LLM-based product analytics. With strategic partnerships and a focused development roadmap, Weavel is poised to advance the efficiency and adoption of AI-driven solutions in the market, potentially setting new standards for data analytics in AI applications.