Weights & Biases Launches W&B Weave: Empowering Developers to Implement Generative AI Solutions Confidently

  • Weights & Biases introduces W&B Weave, a toolkit for deploying generative AI apps.
  • It extends its platform to software developers seeking LLM applications.
  • W&B Weave addresses challenges in deploying LLM-based applications confidently.
  • The toolkit follows a scientific workflow, logging interactions, experimenting, and evaluating.
  • Components include Traces for detailed logging and Evaluations for performance assessment.

Main AI News:

Weights & Biases unveiled W&B Weave during their annual event Fully Connected, introducing a game-changing toolkit tailored for developers seeking to deploy generative AI applications with assurance. This innovative offering serves as a lightweight solution, furnishing developers with a robust system of record throughout the expansive process of developing large language model (LLM) applications.

The debut of W&B Weave marks a significant expansion of the Weights & Biases AI developer platform, catering not only to machine learning practitioners constructing and training large-scale models but also to software developers intent on leveraging LLMs for application development. Over the span of six years, Weights & Biases has played a pivotal role in empowering leading foundation model builders to pioneer advancements within the generative AI landscape. Presently, the platform boasts a user base of over 30 foundation model builders and is utilized by more than 1,000 companies to operationalize machine learning initiatives at scale.

With the advent of prominent LLMs such as OpenAI’s GPT 3.5, Anthropic’s Claude 2, Meta’s Llama 2, and Mistral’s Mixtral 8x7B, organizations worldwide have grappled with delineating and executing their generative AI strategies. While crafting a generative AI demonstration may be straightforward, the challenge lies in confidently deploying such applications in production settings, given the inherent risks of misuse, misalignment, and erroneous outputs.

Developing software with LLMs presents a departure from conventional software development practices, given the non-deterministic nature of these models. Addressing this challenge entails treating the model as a closed system, wherein only the inputs and outputs are observable, and adhering to a rigorous scientific workflow akin to that employed by machine learning practitioners during LLM development.

W&B Weave has been meticulously crafted to facilitate this experimental workflow:

  • Comprehensive Logging: Document every interaction with LLMs, spanning from development stages to production deployment. Leveraging this data not only enhances application performance but also facilitates comprehensive evaluations.
  • Experimentation: Encourage exploration by experimenting with diverse configurations and parameters to optimize application efficacy.
  • Evaluation Framework: Construct a suite of evaluations to gauge progress systematically. These evaluations serve as the cornerstone of LLM development, akin to Unit Tests in traditional software development paradigms.

Shawn Lewis, CTO at Weights & Biases, remarked, “We developed Weave to bolster the scientific workflow underpinning AI application development. Our objective was to create a lightweight, pragmatic toolkit with minimal abstractions, empowering developers to seamlessly integrate LLMs into production applications.”

Comprising two integral components, W&B Weave offers unparalleled functionality:

  • Traces: Enhance visibility into LLM application behavior with minimal integration effort. By appending a single line of code, developers can meticulously trace application actions, facilitating precise issue identification.
  • Evaluations: Assess LLM application performance through a customizable, lightweight evaluation framework. This systematic approach enables the identification of trends, detection of regressions, and informed decision-making for future iterations.

Jonathan Whitaker, AI Researcher at Answer.AI, expressed his endorsement for Weave, stating, “I appreciate Weave’s conceptual elegance and practical utility. It seamlessly integrates into my existing workflow, enabling me to effortlessly capture LLM inputs and outputs without disrupting my established processes.”


The launch of W&B Weave signifies a significant advancement in the generative AI development landscape. By empowering developers with a lightweight toolkit tailored for LLM application deployment, Weights & Biases is poised to catalyze innovation and accelerate the adoption of generative AI solutions across diverse industries. This offering underscores the growing importance of comprehensive tools that facilitate the seamless integration of AI technologies into production environments, heralding a new era of confidence and efficiency in AI application development.