Xaver unveils AI platform for life Insurance and pensions and secures €5M Pre-Seed

  • Xaver, a French fintech company, introduces a B2B AI platform for life insurance and private pensions.
  • The platform aims to increase operational and sales efficiency by up to 65% through AI-driven solutions.
  • With 39% of Europeans lacking supplementary retirement savings, Xaver addresses the continent’s pension gap.
  • Xaver’s platform offers personalized financial advisory and sales technology, leveraging AI for enhanced customer experiences.
  • The company plans to launch a white-labeled Pan-European Pension Product (PEPP) to broaden its partners’ offerings.
  • Led by experienced leaders, Xaver secured €5 million in Pre-Seed funding from investors like Motive Ventures and Cavalry Ventures.

Main AI News:

In today’s financial landscape, innovation is key to addressing the pressing challenges faced by both consumers and businesses in the realm of life insurance and pensions. French fintech firm Xaver has taken a significant step forward with the unveiling of its groundbreaking B2B AI platform designed specifically for the life insurance and private pensions sector. This announcement coincides with the news that Xaver has successfully secured €5 million in Pre-Seed funding, a testament to the confidence investors have in the potential of this pioneering platform.

Xaver’s platform offers a transformative solution for banks, insurers, and brokers, promising to enhance operational efficiency and boost sales by as much as 65 percent through the power of artificial intelligence. At the heart of Xaver’s mission is the goal of bridging Europe’s pension gap, a challenge exacerbated by the inadequacy of statutory pensions. Shockingly, 39 percent of Europeans currently lack any form of supplementary retirement savings, leaving over 40 million working Europeans vulnerable to the specter of old-age poverty.

To tackle these issues head-on, Xaver’s platform introduces a new era of private pension products, leveraging AI-driven technologies to provide personalized and efficient solutions. By integrating AI-enabled financial advisory and sales technologies, Xaver empowers both customers and sales agents alike. The platform’s proprietary AI, Nova, is tailored specifically for financial services, enabling streamlined processes, automating administrative tasks, and ensuring regulatory compliance. This allows agents to focus their efforts on delivering exceptional customer experiences while driving sales in the life insurance and pension sectors.

Xaver’s commitment to innovation doesn’t stop there. The company is poised to launch a white-labeled Pan-European Pension Product (PEPP), expanding its partners’ product offerings and providing low-cost pension solutions to consumers. By championing a customer-centric approach, Xaver aims to revolutionize the industry and make pension saving accessible, transparent, and cost-efficient for all.

Behind Xaver’s groundbreaking platform is a leadership team with a wealth of experience in financial services, entrepreneurship, and AI. Led by Max Bachem, former CEO of digital insurers Luko Insurance and Coya and supported by industry veterans such as Ole Breulmann and Dr. Björn Holste, Xaver is well-positioned to drive meaningful change in the market.

The success of Xaver’s Pre-Seed funding round, led by Motive Ventures and Cavalry Ventures, underscores the industry’s recognition of the platform’s potential. With additional support from former financial institution executives and renowned business angels, Xaver is poised to revolutionize the life insurance and pension sector, fostering innovation and efficiency to create a brighter financial future for all.


Xaver’s innovative AI platform for life insurance and pensions, coupled with its successful funding round, signals a significant shift in the market. By addressing the challenges of pension inadequacy and inefficiency in the industry, Xaver is poised to drive innovation and improve financial outcomes for both consumers and businesses alike. This development underscores the growing importance of technology-driven solutions in shaping the future of financial services.