XtalPi Introduces XtalGazer: An AI-Powered Polymorph Selection Solution

  • XtalPi, a global tech leader, launches XtalGazer, an AI-driven polymorph selection platform.
  • XtalGazer streamlines polymorph screening and selection in pharmaceuticals.
  • It replaces trial-and-error with data-centric methodologies, expediting drug development.
  • Core features include XtalCSP for crystal structure prediction and MicroED for rapid crystal elucidation.
  • XtalGazer marks XtalPi’s commitment to advancing solid-state research.

Main AI News:

XtalPi Inc., a prominent global tech firm renowned for its fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics to propel the discovery of groundbreaking pharmaceuticals and cutting-edge materials, has unveiled its latest innovation: XtalGazer. This proprietary platform represents a significant advancement in solid form discovery and selection, poised to revolutionize the polymorph selection process within the pharmaceutical sector through the seamless integration of AI and automation.

XtalGazer offers a holistic solution, streamlining polymorph screening and selection to accelerate drug development and minimize associated risks. Departing from conventional trial-and-error methodologies, this cutting-edge platform adopts a data-centric, design-oriented approach, equipped with a comprehensive array of tools to expedite polymorph discovery, characterization, and selection. By empowering pharmaceutical enterprises to conduct in-depth research with reduced active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) quantities and shorter development cycles, XtalGazer heralds a new era in solid-state research.

At the core of XtalGazer lies XtalCSP, a crystal structure prediction system designed to conduct extensive global searches for crystal structures pertinent to target molecules and optional components within the designated search space. This feature provides invaluable insights into potential stable forms, complemented by AI-driven crystallization strategy recommendations to mitigate human bias. Moreover, XtalGazer leverages MicroED technology to swiftly elucidate crystal structures from powder samples, diminishing the necessity for single crystal growth.

The launch of XtalGazer underscores XtalPi’s unwavering commitment to advancing solid-state research. From pioneering crystal structure prediction platforms to the introduction of this comprehensive polymorph selection solution, XtalPi continues to deliver on its promise of addressing complex challenges within this domain. Moving forward, XtalPi remains dedicated to furnishing faster, more precise, and comprehensive methodologies, fostering an enriched ecosystem for the research and development process encompassing solid-state, pre-formulation, and crystallization endeavors.


The introduction of XtalGazer by XtalPi represents a significant advancement in the pharmaceutical market. By leveraging AI and automation, this platform promises to streamline polymorph selection processes, ultimately expediting drug development and reducing associated risks. XtalPi’s commitment to innovation underscores its dedication to addressing complex challenges within the pharmaceutical sector, signaling a transformative shift in solid-state research methodologies. This could potentially lead to increased efficiency, cost savings, and accelerated time-to-market for pharmaceutical companies embracing this technology.